What we do

Integrated Sensors announces the development of its Ultra-Fast Transmissive (UFT) beam monitoring technology for ionizing particle and photon external beam radiotherapy (RT) including FLASH-RT.  UFT-based detectors can monitor spot and raster pencil-beam scanning in real-time, both upstream and downstream from the nozzle or multileaf collimator, with order-of-magnitude advantages over ionization chambers for beam position, shape, dosimetry, and patient QA.

The UFT technology has also been successfully applied to the development of a new line of
high-performance multifunctional Scintillator Beam Monitors (SBM’s).

Integrated Sensors is the first company in the world to apply the high gain, high-performance properties of low cost PDP-TV (plasma display panel) technology to radiation detection, resulting in development of the Plasma Panel Sensor (PPS).


Sept 2022 – Integrated Sensors introduces its “Multifunction Scintillator Beam Monitor” at the 11th International Beam Instrumentation Conf. in Krakow, PL.

Sept 2021 – Integrated Sensors demonstrates a novel particle beam monitor that can operate over a particle flux range from about 1 to 1013 particles/cm2-sec, with a position resolution of 2-5 µm for single particles.

August 2020 – Integrated Sensors selected to present its FLASH-RT technology at the NIH-NCI SBIR MedTech Virtual Showcase.

February 2020 (Washington, DC) – The U.S. Dept. of Energy announces a $1 million grant to Integrated Sensors for development of UFT beam monitors to detect heavy-ions and exotic particle beams in real-time at high resolution (i.e., ~1 µm) with time-of-flight capability (i.e., ~50 ps) at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB).

June 2019 (Manchester, UK) – Integrated Sensors announces at the 58th Annual Conference on Particle Therapy (PTCOG58) development of its Ultra-Fast Transmissive (UFT) beam monitor technology for ionizing particle and photon external beam radiotherapy (RT) including FLASH-RT.


Integrated Sensors has been awarded numerous grants since its founding. 

Most Recent Grants:

Ultrafast & Precise FLASH-RT Beam Monitor – $1,887,000 (NIH / 2021-2024) 

High Performance Beam Monitoring – $1,150,000 (DOE / 2019-2023)

Particle Beam Radiation Therapy – $2,043,000 (NIH / 2016-2020)

Particle Tracking Detectors – $1,150,000 (DOE / 2016-2019)

Total of ten (10) Government Research Grants awarded to Integrated Sensors for radiation detector development (2008-2021).

Publications & Presentations

“A High Performance Scintillator Ion Beam Monitor” presented talk at the 11th International Beam Instrumentation Conf. (IBIC 2022) in Krakow, PL (Sept 2022)

“A Real-Time, Ultra-Fast Transparent Dosimeter and Beam Monitor for FLASH-RT & Other Advanced Radiotherapy Modalities”, presentation at the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group Conference (PTCOG 60) in Miami (June 2022).

“Novel Ultrafast Transparent Online FLASH Monitor and Dosimeter”, presented talk at the 1st International FLASH Radiotherapy & Particle Therapy Conference (FRPT 2021) in Vienna (December 1-3, 2021).

“High Performance Scintillator and Beam Monitoring System”, Invited Talk at the DOE Nuclear Physics SBIR/STTR Exchange Meeting (August 2021).

“Ultrafast and Precise External Beam Monitor for FLASH and Other Advanced Forms of Radiation Therapy”, Snowmass-21 FLASH Radiotherapy Workshop, 27-January-2021 (Invited Talk). 

“A Paradigm Shift in Treating Cancer: Breakthrough Technology for FLASH Radiotherapy” Invited NIH-NCI virtual presentation (September 2020).